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I am an amateur landscape photographer and keen outdoorsman from Canterbury in Kent. A soldier by profession I travel extensively and ride mountain bikes in my spare time. All the photos on this site are for sale, in limited edition runs of 150. For more information please 'ask me anything' or click on the email link on the right hand side. Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed taking them.


My Flickr page

Like every photographer, there are shots that I don’t necessarily feel are good enough to sell, but are still good enough to share.  So if you would like to see some more of my work here is a link to my Flickr site where you will find a few of my other photographs.

Permalink A sign of the changing times, the Brick Lane sign in E1 with Bengali text beneath.  Sometimes the simplest photographs can have the most interesting story.
Permalink The light was fading fast this day, I had forgotten my camera and wanted to extend the exposure so I balanced my camera on a rock beside the shore of Ullswater Lake.  Turns out it actually came out better than I had hoped!
Permalink A flock of cormorants were taking a breather on the edge of a small jetty in the Falkland Islands, it was an incredibly windy day and their feathers were getting ruffled.  You could actually tell they were beginning to get agitated as they tried hiding behind each other.
Permalink Blanco Bay in the Falkland Islands.  The beach is actually still out of bounds as mines sometimes wash ashore, which is a crying shame as the sand was so white it was mesmerising.
Permalink A small church seen through the branches whilst in Serre Chevalier skiing. I have a fascination with the sky, and I love the way the mountains emulate the colour of the sky in this photo.
Permalink A view from the base of Mount Longdon in the Falkland Islands, even though it is not technically mountain!
The mountain was a key position for the Argentine forces during the Falklands/Malvinas war, until it was taken by 3 Battalion, the Parachute Regiment on the 10-12 July 1982.  More info can be found at http://www.naval-history.net/F54longdon.htm
Permalink Lake Matheson on the South Island in New Zealand acts as one of natures phenomenoms, a mirror lake, reflecting the image of Mount Cook behind it perfectly with barely a ripple in the surface of the water.
Permalink Two rock cormorants, sat on an old tyre on the end of a pier in the Falkland Islands. One of them saw me and decided to pose for the camera quite nicely.
Permalink A sperm whale just as it dives down for a feed off the coast of Christchurch in New Zealand. A real wonder of nature.
Permalink This is the Christ Church Cathedral in the capital city of Stanley on the Falkland Islands.  The archways in the foreground are real whale jaw bones from two blue whales.  The southernmost Anglican church in the world.
Permalink Looking out across Queenstown from the surrounding mountains, moments before I leapt off on a hand glider. 
Permalink Doesn’t seem to matter what time you plan to go up Helvellyn, seeing Striding Edge without anyone already on it is a Herculean task!
Permalink A storm was passing through the valley as I drove along the road called ‘The Struggle’ in the Lake District, Cumbria.  Up ahead the storm hadn’t covered the sky completely and the sun broke through on to the peaks in the distance. 
Permalink Taken during a morning stroll up towards hole-in-the-wall at Helvellyn via Lanty’s Tarn.  The sky was a beautiful shade of blue so I decided to leave some of the saturation in the photo rather than completely remove all the colour.